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How to eat like a prince on a pauper’s budget.  Based on best selling cookbook Nourishing Traditions and research of Dr. Weston A. Price.

Recipes for making nutrient dense foods such as bone broth, soups, sauces, gravies, fermented juice and veggies, fresh ground fermented homemade low-gluten flour, tempura, yogurt and sour cream dips, rendered tallow from suet, cream dressing, liver pate, beans and lentils properly prepared, more.

Discussion on the local food, nutrition and health, agriculture, permaculture, environment, climate change, food freedom, kitchen tips and tools.

Local classes “Permaculture In The Kitchen”.  Other local events. (Salida, CO).

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The Organic Fool is Dave Bowers, Nutrition Consultant, Permaculture Teacher, Cook.

No information here should be considered medical advice.  The Organic Fool is not a doctor.  Please consult a health professional for serious illness.

The Mission of The Organic Fool is to support local community and economic health with local nutrient dense foods, delicious traditional recipes, and real nutrition.  The Organic Fool supports a local food economy as an important component for community health and resiliency.